The Superpositivity Movement observes ten beautiful principles:

 1) It is completely spiritual, secular, universal and non political.

2) It is completely open to everyone throughout the world without any discrimination whatsoever.

3) It is completely independent of any idol, photo, scripture, ritual, ceremony, inscription, human guru, dogma, renunciation, attire, places of worship or any other limitation.

4) It has only one guru, one source: the Universe.

5) It is completely independent of commercial or religious affiliation with any organisation.

6) It is completely beyond criticism of any individual, group or organisation whatsoever. At all times, it respects all faiths, religions and ideologies.

7) It is completely focused on giving, without any expectation of fame, praise or return in any form whatsoever.

8) It is beyond enlisting any members or followers. It believes that any person who is positive is automatically a part of the movement of superpositivity.

9) Its supreme objective is to activate infinite positive energy within every individual for the collective benefit of the Universe.

10) It is committed to equally accept every negativity as well as every positivity that comes its way, eternally focused on the Superpositivity Chant: YES THANK YOU UNIVERSE.